Home praised for being self-sufficient, independent

Story and pix by Chan Lilian

SENIOR citizens at the Penang Silver Jubilee Home were not forgotten during the Chinese New Year festivities.
A total of 165 senior citizens were treated to a delicious dinner with tossing of the yee-sang on Feb 5. They were also delighted when Puan Sri May Tan, the wife of Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping, executive adviser and chairman of Development Committee, distributed ang pows to them and also sang a song to entertain them.

Puan Sri May Tan distributing angpow to the senior citizens.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was at the Home to celebrate its annual dinner and also Chinese New Year.
“The Home is one of the most established and well managed in Malaysia. Indeed we are proud that in our quest to transform Penang into an international and intelligent city, the Penang Silver Jubilee Home is one truly world-class Home for the poor and needy in Malaysia!” Lim said in his speech.

“The Home’s expenditure comes up to RM200, 000 per month which is RM2.4 million annually. It’s commendable that the Home is self-sufficient and independent by managing its expenses via donations alone,” Lim said.

“The state government has been giving an annual nominal amount of RM20,000 since the 1980’s. The state government does not need to come out with any additional funds when their RM 2.4 million expenditure is fully funded by donations and sponsors. Sponsors are willing to fund the Home because they are confident in a Home that is run professionally, efficiently and cleanly. This is a good example of CAT administration in action,” Lim added.
He thanked Saw Soon Kooi, the new chairman, Kok Ping, legal adviser Bernard Kok Yin Fook and the rest of the general committee in the Board of Directors for their efforts in working closely with the state government to develop Penang.

Penang’s Silver Jubilee Home was established in 1935.
It stands on 22.5 acres of land donated by Cheah Leong Keah.
The Home provides free food, shelter and activities for the poor and needy.

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