Danish ambassador praises Penang for adopting green development


AMBASSADOR Kirsten Rosenvold Geelan who has assumed her position as the Danish ambassador to Malaysia since September 2020 welcomes Penang’s efforts on sustainable development.

Geelan lauded Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow during her courtesy visit at his office this evening. She also expressed her interest in working together with the Penang government on matters pertaining to sustainable development.

Geelan praised Penang for giving priority to green development and sustainable solutions.

“This portrays the fore-thoughtfulness of the state government. The Penang government is thinking ahead for the future.

“We are keen on sharing our expertise in green energy with Penang. We understand that the Penang government has adopted several green initiatives,” she said.

Geelan said water supply and waste management were among the key areas which they were interested to assist.

Geelan was accompanied by Denmark honorary consul in Penang Lio Chee Yeong, and Trade Advisor of Danish Trade Council Veronica Liew.

(from left) Lio, Geelan and Chow in a conversation during the courtesy call


Chow said the state government was taking a balanced approach concerning its development.

“Penang is an environmentally sensitive state due to its topographical and geographical factors.

“When a development is planned, all these elements would be considered.

“We adhere to the development control system and are mindful of environmental sustainability when we develop.

“Apart from that, we also have a vocal civil society that is observant towards any development control violation,” Chow said.

Meanwhile, Liew briefed Chow on several Danish companies that could assist the state on waste management, waste-to-energy and water management.

“We have Danish international investment funds and technical expertise which can assist the state on sustainable development matters,” said Liew.

Chow welcomed the prospective collaborations for the benefit of all parties.

Story by Tanushalini Moroter
Pix by Alissala Thian