A beacon of unity and inclusion on Malaysia Day

AS Malaysia commemorated its national pride on Malaysia Day, the Penang Down Syndrome Association (PDSA) marked the occasion with a heartwarming initiative that brought together the community and raised awareness about the needs of those with Down syndrome.


In collaboration with the Pulau Tikus Village Community Management Councils (MPKK), this event served as a beacon of unity and inclusion.


It was organised by PDSA.


In the spirit of the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival, PDSA members distributed mooncakes and handcrafted biscuits to the public in Pulau Tikus.


The group distributing mooncakes and handcrafted biscuits to the public in Pulau Tikus.


Beyond celebrating the nation’s achievements, this endeavour aimed to shed light on the challenges faced by the Down syndrome community and promote their integration into society.


Pulau Tikus assemblyman Joshua Woo Sze Zeng said taking care of individuals with special needs is a lifelong commitment, a vocation that makes one an integral part of a larger family.


Woo (left) joins the meaningful event.


Woo expressed his deep appreciation for PDSA’s unwavering dedication to serving the Down syndrome community.


“Our office remains steadfast in supporting PDSA, and we call upon all members of our community to join us in this noble cause,” he said.


The public is supportive of creating a more inclusive and compassionate society.


The event would not have been possible without the invaluable support of the Pulau Tikus MPKK, whose efforts in facilitating the event was crucial to its success.


As the day concluded, it left a powerful message of unity and hope. It served as a reminder that by coming together as a community, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate society, ensuring that no one is left behind.