Better crowd control at Penang International Airport

IN a bid to streamline the arrival process for tourists, the Penang International Airport (PIA) has implemented a queue management system.


Travelers are now experiencing smoother and more efficient crowd control, thanks to the introduction of stanchions arranged in a zig-zag pattern at the Immigration gates.


Stanchions are being arranged in a zig-zag pattern at the Immigration gates to provide smoother and more efficient crowd control.


This strategic layout not only aids in maintaining order but also optimises space, ensuring that the bustling airport remains organised even during peak hours.


Penang Tourism and Creative Economy Committee chairman Wong Hon Wai told the media that the zig-zag pattern at the airport’s international arrival Immigration gates helped to maintain more efficient crowd control.


“Secondly, a dedicated holding area has also been established to handle large influxes of international visitors. The holding area serves as a buffer, allowing airport staff to efficiently manage crowds and prevent congestion, ultimately contributing to a more positive and stress-free tourist experience.


Wong (second from right), Lee (right) and Ooi (left) checking out the holding area at the airport.


“As the travel industry continues to rebound, such innovative solutions play a crucial role in ensuring that the airport can accommodate increasing numbers of visitors while prioritising passenger comfort and safety,” he said after visiting the PIA’s international departure and arrival halls today.


Kebun Bunga assemblyman Lee Boon Heng and Penang Global Tourism (PGT) chief executive officer Ooi Chok Yan joined him.


Wong, Lee, and Ooi also observed the situation for about 90 minutes, when visitors from four international flights arrived at the airport’s international arrival hall.


(from left) Lee, Wong and Ooi addressing the media at the Penang International Airport.


“All 12 Immigration counters were operating, and the crowd control was smooth,” he said.


He added that the airport expansion project must be hastened to accommodate the increased number of travellers to Penang.


“In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation at the airport. The crowd is manageable today. However, today is a weekday and the busiest period at the airport is during the weekend,” he said.


Wong said he would present the information in the state executive council (exco) meeting.


Separately, Wong said many foreign visitors were still unaware of the need to fill up the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) if they wish to enter the country beginning Dec 1 this year.


The MDAC must be submitted before arrival in Malaysia and applies to all travellers with an exemption for three categories. Travellers who do not have to submit the MDAC are; those transiting or transferring through Singapore without seeking immigration clearance; Malaysian permanent residents; and Malaysian Automated Clearance System (MACS) holders.


(forefront from left) Ooi, Lee and Wong checking out a scanner at the exit of the international arrival hall.


Wong said the Penang government, through PGT, would assist the PIA and the Immigration Department on the matter.


“We will put up streamers with a QR code at strategic areas to inform visitors to fill up the MDAC,” he said.


Visitors can register, submit, and check their MDAC registration at




Story by Christopher Tan

Pix by Muhamad Amir Irsyad Omar

Video by Law Suun Ting