Celebrate Penang’s diversity through arts


CULTURAL diversity is the quality that defines the uniqueness of Penang.


Various cultures which are widely celebrated in the state make Penang the preferred destination for holidays and investment.


Check out the outdoor photo exhibition, themed ‘Cultural Diplomacy: Connecting Diversity’, at the main entrance of Gurney Paragon Mall from May 19 until June 14 to experience the fine artworks which are inspired by local photographer Joie Koo who is also a brand ambassador for Fujifilm.


The artworks celebrate multiracial performing arts, the beauty of visual storytelling with the diversity of cultural heritage, as well as architectural wonders, historical sites, and natural landscapes.


The exhibition is organised by Koo and ZXC Theatre Troupe. It is also supported by the Penang government.


State Tourism and Creative Economy Committee chairman Yeoh Soon Hin, who was present during the brief opening ceremony, described the exhibition as an extraordinary affair.


“It showcases stunning images that go beyond mere aesthetics.


“These photographs exemplify the power of arts in promoting tourism and fostering understanding among different communities.


“I want to express my appreciation to Koo for his talent in capturing the essence of multiracial performing arts through his lens.


“His artwork serves as a testament to the rich cultural heritage within our society and highlights the unity that can be found in diversity.


“As a representative from the state government, I would like to emphasise that we embrace creativity in a sustainable manner to ensure that this industry can benefit Penang’s economic and social development.


“We will continue to provide platforms to enable our people to enhance creativity, showcase their talents and dare to dream big,” Yeoh said in his speech.


Some 15 large prints have been displayed at the event.

Story by Kevin Vimal
Pix by Alissala Thian