Celebrating 25 years of Miao Hui: A triumph of cultural unity in George Town

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IN a jubilant commemoration, the vibrant streets of George Town are adorned with colours, music, and a palpable sense of unity as Miao Hui (the Penang Chinese New Year Celebration) marks its 25th anniversary.


Nestled in the heritage area of George Town, Miao Hui serves as a poignant reflection of the enduring bonds and connections among the 20 ancestral temples and guild halls that have stood the test of time.


The Penang Chinese Clan Council (PCCC) hosted the event and the Penang Cultural Inheritors Society (Inheritors) planned and coordinated the event.


The air was filled with excitement and festive spirit as the local community came together to celebrate Chinese New Year in a grand event that showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region.


The event featured a mesmerising display of traditional performances, including cultural dances, lion dances, dragon dances, and a captivating drum performance.


The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the cultural dance troupe, whose vibrant and intricate performances left the audience in awe.


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Cultural dances captivate the crowd at the Miao Hui celebration.


Dancers adorned in stunning traditional costumes gracefully moved to the rhythmic beats, telling stories through their carefully choreographed movements.


Spectators were treated to a visual feast, immersing themselves in the beauty of Chinese traditions. Adding to the spectacle, the dragon dance captivated the crowd with its dynamic and symbolic movements.


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Exciting dragon and lion dances entertain the visitors.


At the event launch, Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow mentioned that Miao Hui, besides being a fun celebration, has done a great job of helping young people value and understand the important cultural and spiritual traditions passed down by their ancestors.


“One notable aspect of Miao Hui’s evolution lies in its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in recent years.


“The infusion of different cultural groups has enriched the content of the celebration, making it a more varied and representative showcase of Penang’s cultural tapestry,” Chow said in his speech this evening.


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Chow delivering his speech.


Organising chairman Datuk Leong Keng Fei emphasised the concerted efforts made to foster the exchange of ideas and collaboration among people, thereby promoting the essence of an excellent culture.


“We firmly believe that by embracing the rich tapestry of diverse cultures, we can collectively progress and pave the way for a brighter future.


“Our commitment lies in creating a platform that encourages unity and understanding, fostering a harmonious blend of traditions for generations to come,” Leong said in his speech.


The consul-general of China in Penang Zhou Youbin said China has consistently held the position of Malaysia’s largest trading partner for 15 consecutive years.


“The collaboration extends beyond traditional sectors to encompass emerging areas like the digital and green economy, marking comprehensive advancements,” he said.


Separately, Zhou said that in Malaysia, Chinese New Year is a joyous celebration marked by family reunions and blessings.


“The tradition of Miao Hui, lion dances, and various festivities continues to be cherished and passed down through generations,” he added.


Notably, Miao Hui has also contributed to the cultural soundscape with its very own Chinese New Year songs, now ingrained in the state’s cultural heritage.


As Miao Hui unfurls its festivities each year, it consistently promises surprises, and the 25th anniversary is no exception.


The distinguished presence of Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Ahmad Fuzi Abdul Razak, Toh Puan Khadijah Mohd Nor adds a regal touch to the celebrations. Also present was state Tourism and Creative Economy Committee chairman Wong Hon Wai.


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Ahmad Fuzi, Khadijah, Chow, Wong and other dignitaries tossing the yee sang at the festival.


Their attendance signifies a momentous occasion and bears witness to the historical significance of Miao Hui‘s silver jubilee.



Story by Christopher Tan

Pix by Law Suun Ting and Siew Chia En

Video by Alissala Thian