Elite Material Co. Ltd. to establish its first Southeast Asian manufacturing plant in Penang

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TAIWAN-HEADQUATERED Elite Material Co. Ltd. (EMC) will begin constructing its new copper-clad laminate (CCL) manufacturing plant at Penang Science Park North (PSPN). This marks EMC’s first production plant in Southeast Asia.


Welcoming the investment, Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow highlighted the company’s significant role in the technology sector.


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Chow announcing the good news during the media conference.


“Founded in 1992, EMC has become a leading producer of prepreg and CCL, with a particular focus on halogen-free CCL materials since 2013.


“These materials are essential in complex printed circuit boards (PCBs) used in radio frequency (RF) products and integrated circuit (IC) substrates, which are crucial for semiconductors in IC products.


“EMC is recognised as a technology leader with over 250 patents, catering to industries such as mobile communications, AI (artificial intelligence) / HPC (high performance computing) / Cloud Data Centres, 5G infrastructure, electric vehicles, and autonomous driving,” Chow told a media conference in Komtar today.


He added that the new plant would cover 14 acres and be constructed in two phases with a total investment of over RM900 million.


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A recopy of a map showing the location of the proposed EMC plant at Penang Science Park North.


“Phase One aims for a monthly production capacity of 600,000 sheets, with Phase Two adding 150,000 sheets per month. The Phase One construction is expected to be completed in Q1 2025, with mass production commencing in Q2 2025, serving local and international markets,” he said.


Chow expressed gratitude to EMC for selecting Penang for its new plant, reinforcing Penang’s position as a high-impact economic hub.


He noted that the investment underscores Penang’s robust industrial ecosystem, which has been attracting leading players in the electrical and electronics (E&E) supply chain.


Chow also reflected on Penang’s historical success in attracting substantial foreign direct investment (FDI) in the E&E and semiconductor sectors.


“In 2023 alone, Penang recorded RM63.4 billion in approved manufacturing investments, a 463% year-on-year increase, representing 42% of the national total. The E&E sector contributed RM54.7 billion, or 86% of the total approved manufacturing investments,” he mentioned.


Looking ahead, the Chief Minister emphasised Penang’s commitment to continuous improvement and attracting companies dedicated to cutting-edge technologies and sustainable investments.


He thanked InvestPenang and the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (Mida) for their efforts in making Penang a preferred investment location.


In closing, Chow congratulated EMC on its significant investment and expressed optimism for a strengthened partnership between the state and EMC in the years to come.


Later, when replying to the incentive which prompted EMC to invest in Malaysia, EMC chairman and chief executive officer Albert Dong said that the corporation received a standard incentive.


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Dong addressing the media in Komtar.


“The incentive was not the main reason for our investment in Penang, Malaysia. Overall, while Thailand is much cheaper, we chose to come here over other more affordable destinations.


“In the long term, it is important to be with your customers and be at a location with a culture of diligence and strong work ethics.


“The incentive is merely the cherry on top, enhancing an already excellent offering,” he said.


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A recopy of the artist’s impression of the new EMC plant.

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Chow said that Dong’s reply confirmed what the state government had been saying for quite some time: land cost is often a minor consideration for investors.


“Incentives matter but are not the primary factor in some companies’ decision-making.


“We believe investors are drawn here by the strong ecosystem, robust supply chain, talented workforce, intellectual property protection, and clusters of related industries.


“Usually, when one investment decision is made, it is likely that vendors will be encouraged to follow,” Chow added.


InvestPenang chief executive officer Datuk Loo Lee Lian thanked EMC for investing in Penang.


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“We have been keeping in touch with EMC and we want to ensure that its presence in Penang is successful. EMC is happy with its decision to be here,” Loo said.


Also present were Penang Development Corporation chief executive officer Datuk Aziz Bakar, Penang Mida director Muhammad Ghaddaffi Sardar Mohamed, InvestPenang manufacturing development head Lee Yoeu Chek, InvestPenang manufacturing development lead William Chen, EMC human resources department manager Lon Chen, EMC Group finance and accounting project manager Sam Lin.



Story by Christopher Tan

Pix by Noor Siti Nabilah Noorazis

Video by Alissala Thian