geNFesT: Educating, entertaining, engaging and exciting the public about NFTs and Web3


A TWO-DAY NFT-based Festival, called geNFesT, is set to take place in Penang on June 30 and July 1.


Although NFT (non-fungible token) started in 2014, it has not reached widespread popularity. In fact, it is still in its infancy, particularly in Malaysia.


NFTs are, however, reshaping the digital economy and taking blockchain to unprecedented prominence in a new era of Web3.


During a press conference held at Komtar today, state Tourism and Creative Economy Committee chairman Yeoh Soon Hin announced that Penang would be the first state to host this festival.


He said the two-day geNFesT would be a platform for the public to understand more about NFT through digital art and culture.


Beh (second from left) presenting a digital art souvenir to Yeoh. With them are Kim (left) and Teoh (second from right) and Toh (right).


“geNFesT promises to be a groundbreaking experience, seamlessly blending captivating cultural experiences, artistic expressions, thrilling entertainment, and numerous other enjoyable elements.


“They have curated an unforgettable lineup of renowned artists, performers, and industry experts from around the globe, all pushing the boundaries of creativity and showcasing their extraordinary talents together with geNFesT,” Yeoh said in his speech.


The festival will feature various programmes and themes across various venues.


The main event venues for geNFesT are Digital Penang and Think City, which will host the Web3 & NFT Conference and Panel Discussion. These venues will be the hub of NFT sharing, talks, interviews, NFT Art Showcase, and a networking lounge, offering attendees valuable insights and opportunities for engagement.


In addition to the main event venues, geNFesT will also feature exciting side events at Fort Cornwallis, Hin Bus Depot, COEX and Mano Plus. These venues will offer unique experiences, from music and entertainment to art exhibitions and wellness activities.


The organisers have set four key objectives for geNFesT, known as the “4E”: educate, entertain, engage and excite.


They are to educate individuals about the real-world value of NFTs, entertain them with fun and exciting NFT-focused activities, engage them in creative endeavours, and excite them with the possibilities of Web 3 adoption in a physical space.


Also present at the press conference were Beh Kim Chin, a representative of the main event organiser 3six9; Beryn Teoh, the event curator; Kelson Toh, the co-organiser from Offchain; and   Kim Zhao Wei, the chief marketing officer of geNFesT’s strategic partner Atocha.


Kim expressed the festival’s intention to collaborate closely with Digital Penang to digitalise the tangible and intangible cultural assets of Penang.


“The intention of digitalising the assets has tremendous future value on preservation, conservation and authentication. By digitalising, big data can be collected from these digitalised tokens to be analysed for future state-level strategic planning.


“NFTs also enable digital/non digital creators to have the power to benefit from the transactions of their work, specifically from perpetual royalty. Besides being able to prove its authenticity, the creators are able to build a fan base based on this technology which will largely help their work distribution and value appreciation,” Kim said.


Beh highlighted the importance of NFTs in authenticating cultural assets.


Teoh emphasised the immutability of blockchain technology in ensuring the authenticity and traceability of digital arts.


Toh mentioned that neighbouring countries like Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are way ahead of Malaysia in terms of NFT awareness.


Further enhancing the festival experience, geNFesT introduces the Atocha Treasure Hunt game plan for an immersive virtual experience where participants will navigate a virtual world, uncovering digital treasurers and competing for valuable rewards.


Four ticket packages are available to cater to different preferences and budgets. The events for the General Admission, VIP Pass, and 1 Day Pass tickets start at 10m and end at 6pm while the events for VIP Party Night start at 8pm and end at midnight.


To purchase tickets, please visit the official ticketing channel Limited early bird tickets are available.


For more event details, visit


Story by K.H. Ong

Pix by Muhamad Amir Irsyad Omar