Golden carpet for Penang



THE Penang State Legislative building front porch was covered with a layer of golden showers and caught the eyes of Buletin Mutiara’s Chan Lilian in the early morning of March 3.
It was as if someone had laid out a golden carpet to welcome some royalty. It was indeed a sight to behold and the beautiful sight was captured by photographer Alissala Thian.

The Chinese refer to the tiny yellow flowers as the ”Ching Ming flowers” as the huge trees only bloom in April which coincides with the period when the Chinese pay respects to their departed loved ones.
The flowers are from several species of trees including the Angsana tree.

These yellow flowers are not the only ones to bloom as the pink, white and purple Tecoma trees are also bursting out in splashes of pastel tones all over the island and the mainland.
The Tecoma flowers, or what Penangites call sakura, look as beautiful as the cherry blossoms famous in Japan.

One can recall the famous song and dance by Aaron Kwok in the 1990s where the song ”Para, Para Sakura+” and its dance movement were imitated by everyone.
With the availability of cameras, Penangites are quickly snapping photos of these beautiful but fragile flowers and have their own Para Para Sakura moment.