Joining hands to keep Penang Hill clean


A GROUP of hashers from Hash House Harriets Penang, together with volunteers from BNI Achievers (Business Network International Achievers) went on a mission to clean the Penang Hill hiking trail and its surrounding.

Air Itam assemblyman Joseph Ng said the hashers had noticed the hiking trail and its surroundings were littered with rubbish during their hiking sessions.

“They decide to clean the area with the support from BNI Achievers. They hope to send a strong message to the public on the need to safeguard the environment.

“Some 40 people, led by hasher Dr Mecherl Lim, 70, took part in the event,” Ng said after flagging off the event on May 23.

(from left) Ng and one of the volunteers with her kid collecting rubbish in the vicinity of Penang Hill.

The volunteers managed to collect over 10 bags of rubbish.


Lim said the hashers took a more challenging route (about 400m up the hill), while the other group from BNI Achievers collected rubbish along the ‘walkable’ hiking trail.

“Penang will be a cleaner and greener state if other hikers and hashers can play their role to keep the hills clean.

“People should not just talk about creating awareness. More importantly, it is about doing it. Action is important.

“Play your part in making Penang greener. We will be doing this once a month,” Lim said.


Story by Tanushalini Moroter
Pix by Law Suun Ting & Courtesy of Hash Hash House Harriets Penang