Juggling school and passion for dancing

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YOU know you are incredibly passionate about something when you are willing to sacrifice your Europe trip to fulfil your desire.


Neoh You Xi, a student from SJK(C) Min Sin, said she chose her passion for dancing over a trip to Italy that her family had planned recently.


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Loo (centre) with her students during the interview.


Neoh was among the 29 students who recently bagged the gold award for the school during the 34th Penang Dance Competition and the 22nd National Chinese School Competition during the 33rd National Chinese Dance Festival.


The state-level competition was held in Penang while the national one was held in Kuala Lumpur.


Loo Yan Ji, a schoolteacher and one of the advisors representing the school in the competition, told Buletin Mutiara recently that the students required approximately six months to be fully prepared before they were ready to compete at a high level.


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Chew during the interview.


“Despite having to sacrifice their leisure time and other routine activities, the students never once slacked in preparing for the competition.


“On average, the students trained two hours weekly, and when the competition approached, they added an extra two hours to their training.


“With the guidance of a professional full-time dancer, who happens to be quite strict, the students maintained a serious approach to their practices,” Loo said during the interview at the school on March 26.


Based on a contemporary style, the students displayed a scintillating performance centre around the theme of food waste.


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The school bagged the gold award and secured sixth place out of over 30 schools in the state competition.


The school has been participating in this competition since 1997.


Remarkably, this marked the school’s debut in the national competition, where they achieved eighth place, earning them yet another gold award.


Meanwhile, Loo added that apart from enduring psychological challenges, the students were also put to the test with physical bruises through falls and slips during rehearsals.


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Chew Eng Hock, the school’s principal, attributed the school’s success to the collective efforts of the students, teachers, and the coach.


“It is not a joke to ensure smooth progress, particularly when managing primary school students.


“Despite our goal aspirations to come out top, the safety of the students remained paramount at all times.


“I would like to thank the parents for their trust, commitment and  support, including contributing towards costumes and transportation throughout the preparation period.”


Among the students present during the interview were Ngui Xin Ying Olive, 11, Kathryn Elizabeth Geronimo, 11, Chew Zhi Xuan, 12 and Angie Khor, 12.


Story by Kevin Vimal
Pix by Adleena Rahayu Ahmad Radzi