MEP Enviro Technology’s commitment to ESG principles lauded

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MEP Enviro Technology Sdn Bhd, a globally renowned waste management solution provider, celebrated its 17 Anniversary Dinner with jubilation at Setia SPICE Convention Centre tonight.


Commonly known as MEP, the company operates plants in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the United States.


Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow, who was the guest of honour at the dinner celebration, praised MEP for its commendable efforts in implementing sustainable waste management practices in Penang.


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Chow says MEP Enviro Technology should serve as a shining example for other waste management industries.


“As the Chief Minister, I am very moved and proud when I have the opportunity to witness various successes achieved by local companies, particularly those based in Penang like MEP Enviro Technology.


“In addition to being a leading industry in applying Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles that contribute to the economy, MEP also cares for the well-being of the community and the environment.


“This aligns perfectly with the Penang’s Vision 2030 for a Family Focused Green and Smart State that Inspires the Nation,” Chow said during his speech at the dinner gathering.


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A section of the attendees at the 17th Anniversary Dinner celebration of MEP Enviro Technology Sdn Bhd.


He said the state government unequivocally endorses MEP’s initiatives aimed at propelling both the industry and the state towards environmental sustainability and a greener world.


“MEP Enviro Technology should serve as an inspiring example for other waste management industries in Malaysia.


“Furthermore, in recent years, ESG principles have taken centre stage globally, reshaping decision-making processes in both business and investment sectors.”


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Sean Ong showing Chow plastic resins that are used for manufacturing products such as packaging materials, containers and consumer goods. With them are H’ng (left), Goh (second from right) and Ivan Ong (right).


Chow said the state government wholeheartedly supports ESG principles to strengthen the state’s standing as a hub for investment and international trade.


Positioning Penang as a leading state in the green economy will undoubtedly garner global attention, attracting many investment and business opportunities from companies prioritising ESG implementation as the core of their operations. This commitment is seen as both a social responsibility to society and the environment.


This is evident in Penang’s notable distinction as the primary contributor to foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country’s manufacturing sector by contributing 42 percent for the third quarter period from January to September 2023.


Simultaneously, Penang recorded a total of approved investments amounting to RM44.9 billion across various sectors, including the key sectors of manufacturing and services.


Chow expressed hope that Penang will enhance this record in the current year, with MEP Enviro Technology contributing to the collective success.


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MEP director Ivan Ong (left) presenting a mock cheque for RM180,000 to SRJKC Kuang Yu board of governors’ chairman Datuk Goh Kim Heong (right). With them are Chow (centre), H’ng (second from left) and Goh Choon Aik (second from right).


MEP director Sean Ong emphasised the company’s unwavering commitment to ESG principles, sustainability and collaborating with esteemed business partners to collectively foster a greener environmental development.


“Reflecting on the journey of the past 17 years, the company has attained numerous successes after overcoming various challenges. These achievements are a testament to the determined dedication of everyone involved,” he said.


During the dinner celebration, Ivan Ong, the director of MEP, presented a mock cheque for RM180,000 to Datuk Goh Kim Heong, the chairman of the SRJKC Kuang Yu board of directors, as part of its corporate social responsibility.


Goh said the state government has generously allocated a six-acre land in Batu Kawan for the school’s construction. To date, he added that RM15 million has been raised towards the goal of reaching RM22 million.


A lion dance troupe welcomed Chow and other dignitaries before dinner commenced with the traditional tossing of Yee Sang, symbolising blessings for a prosperous year.


Prominent attendees at the event included state Local Government, Town and Country Planning Committee chairman Jason H’ng Mooi Lye, Deputy State Speaker and Bayan Lepas assemblyman Azrul Mahathir Aziz, Bukit Tambun assemblyman Goh Choon Aik, Thai consul-general in Penang Raschada Jiwalai, Penang Department of Environment director Norazizi Adinan, and MEP directors Ong Joo Ming, Ong Joo Seng and Ong Joo Voon.


Subsequently, the main course was served while attendees enjoyed an entertaining LED dragon dance performance. It was fitting for the occasion as it marks the Year of the Dragon in the upcoming Lunar New Year.


In line with the dinner’s theme, different cultural dances were showcased. The culmination of the evening was the lucky draw, bringing smiles to the faces of many employees as they walked away with the prizes.


Story by K.H. Ong

Pix by Siti Nuratikah Rahmat