Concerns over rise in new Covid-19 cases

THE public are expressing their concerns following the rise in the number of new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia recently.


Some people were even urging the Government to implement the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) or stricter orders.


Graphic designer Mac Koay, 22, said the Government should implement a ‘very strict’ order for at least two months to bring down the number of new Covid-19 cases.


“I support the call for a much stricter movement control order; stricter than the one we had during the first wave of the pandemic last year. Along with the interstate travel bans and stricter checks for a period of two months, I believe we can bring down the number of infections.


“We can enjoy our lives after we have won the war against Covid-19,” he said in an interview today.


Undergraduate Ally T., 23, said she supported the call for a re-implementation of the EMCO.


“It is a much-needed action to lower the number of new Covid-19 cases in Penang and the country. We, Penangites, should work towards ensuring Penang becomes a green zone state once more.


“At the moment, we can see that some people are not taking the restrictions and standard operating procedures (SOPs) seriously. They are like ‘hangat-hangat tahi ayam’ (not doing something wholeheartedly or continuously).


“Stricter SOPs must be enforced,” she said.


One Hope Charity & Welfare chairman Chua Sui Hau said the best way to fight against Covid-19 is to obey strictly to the Covid-19 preventive measures.


Chua urges the people to play their role by adhering to the Covid-19 preventive measures.


“Self-discipline is important. By strictly adhering to the preventive measures, such as wearing the face masks, use the hand sanitisers and practise physical distancing, we can protect ourselves from being infected.


“We have to play our role regardless of how rigorous the law enforcement is,” he said.


Avid hiker Gurdial Singh said the authorities should occasionally check for any inefficiency in the SOPs and make them better.


“It is also important that lidded trash bins are used for the disposal of used face masks and tissue papers,” Gurdial, who is a general manager of a manufacturing company, said.


Gurdial urged the public to abide by the Covid-19 preventive measures.


“We must maintain good personal hygiene and follow the SOPs at all times. Wearing the face mask in public and crowded places is mandatory.


“It is best to always carry a hand sanitizer and use it at regular intervals,” he said.


Art director cum photographer Adrian Cheah said that life must go on in the new normal.


“The Covid-19 has been a devastating period for many, if not all. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Covid-19 a pandemic on March 11 last year. Over a year later, it is still making headlines with the number of cases rising and falling.


“I have focused my attention on matters that are more important in my life and no longer, on the increase of Covid-19 cases.


“The Health Ministry and the state government have taken the necessary steps to deal with the situation the best they possibly can.


“I am sure with their hearts and heads are focused on the well-being of the rakyat; from health to the economic standing, they will diligently implement what is necessary. I leave it to the powers that be to decide,” he said.


Cheah says life must go on in the new normal.


Cheah urged the Government to draw clear guidelines for the rakyat to adhere to when implementing orders or programmes.


“Share information on a reliable source or portal to avoid confusion and fear mongering. Explain your course of action well.


“More programmes on health, business and life should be made available to the public via all media outlets. Programmes such as ways to improve immune system, business opportunities, time management and quality of life in the new normal,” he said.


Cheah said that the people should be educated on their responsibility in the new normal.


“The rakyat have to be educated enough for any effort to be successful,” he said.


Meanwhile, trader Christine Lim, 40, said that the SOPs should be tightened in crowded areas, such as markets and bazaars.


“I feel that it is important to limit the number of people in the premises at any given time to ensure proper physical distancing,” she said.



Story by Christopher Tan