Exploring new tourism products in Seberang Perai

THE state government is embarking on initiatives to create new tourist attractions in Seberang Perai to ensure a balanced development between the island and the mainland.


State Tourism and Creative Development Committee chairman Yeoh Soon Hin stated this during his winding-up speech at the State Legislative Assembly on Oct 15.


“The state government is planning to implement the Sungai Muda Eco-Tourism Project targeting six areas in Seberang Perai such as ‘Pasar Bisik Kuala Muda’, Permatang Bendahari Jetty, Sungai Muda Dam, Merdeka Bridge, Kamloon Beach and Pinang Tunggal railway bridge.


“The estimated cost of the project is RM33 million and the project will take five years.


“Since the cost of the project is high, the state government has appealed for an allocation from the Federal Government under the 12th Malaysia Plan – (Rolling Plan 1) year 2021,’’ said Yeoh.


Yeoh (PH-Paya Terubong) said in the bid to explore new tourism products in Seberang Perai, Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow had made a site visit to Pinang Tunggal recently.


“There are a lot of potential areas in Pinang Tunggal that can be developed into agro-tourism sites which would definitely offer a unique experience for the visitors.


“The visitors would have the opportunity to pick agricultural produce like corns and young coconuts while enjoying the scenic views of the rural areas.


“Most importantly, the Seberang Perai agro and ecotourism activities would be able to generate income and support the livelihood of those small communities living in the village area.


“At the same time, this can also provide tourists diversified experience in Penang which is in line with the ‘Experience Penang’ campaign,’’ added Yeoh.


Yeoh also welcomed the proposal by Nor Hafizah Othman (BN – Permatang Berangan) to develop the tourism sector in the Sungai Labuh Banting such as initiating ‘River Cruise’ and promoting local products.


“The state government will instruct the Seberang Perai City Council (MBSP) to conduct an in-depth study at the Sungai Labuh Banting area to know more about its tourism potential.


“The state government, through the Penang Global Tourism (PGT), has also produced a promotional video ‘The Other Side of the Island’, to further promote Seberang Perai for domestic tourism. The launching of the promotional video, however, has been postponed due to the rise in Covid-19 cases.


“Apart from that, the state government had organised mega tourism events such as Penang International Food Festival in Seberang Perai and also the Fiesta Pulau Aman.


“The inaugural Penang International Container Art Festival (PICAF) Run has been postponed this year,’’ said Yeoh.


Yeoh said the state government intends to redevelop the coastal areas of Butterworth and George Town under the Penang Bay project.


“The coastal areas of Weld Quay will be transformed into George Town Central Business District (CBD) while Butterworth will be turned into a hub of innovation, education and recreation.


Story by Tanushalini Moroter

Pix by Darwina Mohd Daud