MBPP encourages cattle breeders to obtain licenses to enjoy various benefits


THE Penang Island City Council (MBPP) has urged cattle breeders on the island to apply for licences to further enhance their livestock farming activities.


MBPP mayor Datuk A. Rajendran said that by obtaining a licence, cattle breeders could receive assistance given by the state government in the form of subsidies, animal feed, and other services.


“The council is taking a proactive step to provide licences to cattle breeders and cattle farms.


“We are also taking the initiative to find suitable sites for cattle farming activities to ensure that they are done in a safe and clean manner, while at the same time, meeting the council’s requirements.


“There are over 40 cattle breeders on the island who are still without licences,” Rajendran said during a press conference today.


According to Rajendran in June, the council had met with a total of 15 cattle breeders who were under consideration to be given their respective licences.


Following that, three had submitted their applications on with one cattle breeder being approved for the licence on July 18.


The other two are still waiting for the review from MBPP’s technical department.


“A. Halib Yusof from Balik Pulau has obtained his licence.

“We hope to address uncontrolled cattle roaming issues in Penang.


“We are working with the state Veterinary Services Department (JPV) to ensure that the cattle farming activities are done properly,” he said. No deadline was given to apply for the licences.


Rajendran said that MBPP councillor R. Kaliyyapan was tasked to find suitable land for cattle farming activities.


The applications can be made at https://ulesen.mbpp.gov.my/.


Story by Vekenesvaran Magandran

Pix by Alissala Thian