Old folks get appreciation aid at the comfort of their homes


A TOTAL of 38 senior citizens from the Little Sister of the Poor, Penang, received RM130 each through the Penang Senior Citizens Appreciation Programme 2019.

Air Itam assemblyman Joseph Ng and state North East District and Land Office representatives visited them and gave out the aid today.

According to Ng, the old folks are normally not able to queue up to receive their money.

“To solve their worry of overcrowding, we decided to go straight to the homes and present the aid to some old folks, who had not yet received their money.

“This is one of the services that we can provide to the old folks.

“This is our first stop here at Little Sister of the Poor. It will be followed by visits to Penang Home for the Infirm and Aged, and Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged,” said Ng.

The recipients at the Little Sister of the Poor were understandably thankful and cheerful.

Story & pix by K. Thaarshenii