Roof extensions to be installed at Padang Brown Food Complex

KOMTAR assemblyman Teh Lai Heng announced today the commencement of construction works for the roof extensions at the Padang Brown Food Complex.


The Penang Island City Council (MBPP) has allocated a total of RM389,195 for this project.


The primary objective of the project is to extend the roof, but it also includes the installation of new light bulbs and fans in the extended areas.


Teh (right) having some words with Ang at the Padang Brown Food Complex.


Construction works commenced on Monday, with MBPP strategically placing safety nettings to cover certain areas within the food court. The project is expected to be completed by March 14 of next year.


Over the past two years, the prospect of roof extensions at Padang Brown Food Complex has been eagerly awaited.


During a press conference, Teh said since the renovation in 2014, businesses at the court have been booming. The influx of customers from all over Penang and Malaysia has increased over the years, regardless of the time of the year.


An artist’s view of the Padang Brown Food Complex when renovation work is completed.


“However, accommodating them has been a major problem. Many were forced to sit unshaded when all spots were occupied, leaving them vulnerable to the sun and rain.


“Nevertheless, with the roof expansion, 54 food vendors will be able to accommodate more customers soon,” Teh added.


When asked about the potential impacts of construction works on food vendors operating in the food complex, Teh encouraged food vendors to continue operating as the construction sites will be contained and the safety of all will be ensured.


“Works will be conducted according to stages. For now, MBPP will be working on the non-halal section, subsequently, they will move on to other sections of the food complex,” said Benji Ang Ming Quan, a recently elected MBPP councilor who has been monitoring the efforts for the roof extension since his tenure as an MPKK secretary for Taman Trafik.


Safety nettings are set up in certain areas of the Padang Brown Food Complex.


Also present were MBPP architect Cho Ching Sin, Taman Trafik MPKK treasurer Teoh Shaw Jhee, and several food vendors operating at the time.


Story by Norman Sim

Pix by Siew Chia En