Tripartite partnership formed to support social development


THE Association of Employers of Penang Educational Institutions (or Persatuan Pengusaha Institusi Pendidikan Pulau Pinang – PPIPPP) and the Malaysian Education Centre Employers’ Association (Persatuan Majikan Pusat Pendidikan Malaysia –  PMPPM) have collaborated with the H Healthcare Berhad to bring about benefits to students, parents as well as educators in private education institutions and childcare centers.


They recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to seal a tripartite partnership in the presence of Batu Uban assemblyman A. Kumaresan.


Kumaresan said he appreciated the efforts undertaken by the three parties (private sector and non-governmental organisation-NGOs), to work together for the good of the community.


“Both the associations, PPIPPP and PMPPM, are actively involved in developing the quality of education and at the same time are concerned with the well-being of the community.


“The H Healthcare Berhad, which also actively contributes to the community, is a good example.

“It is hoped that more companies and NGOs will strengthen their cooperation and contribute more to social development,” he said during the which was held on March 25 at H Healthcare Berhad.


During the MoU ceremony, the ‘Sihat-sihat Family Program’ was also launched.


It was jointly organised by PPIPP, PMPPM and H Healthcare Berhad which would benefit some 7,500 students and parents as well as 1,500 educators.


The programme is sponsored by H Healthcare Berhad with the cost of RM2.6 million.

Students and parents will receive a free medical examination, nutritional counseling, medical consultation with a cost limit of RM50 as well as first aid training will be given.


To know more about the programme, please visit PPIPPP’s facebook page at or PMPPM’s facebook page at


The public can also visit H Healthcare Berhad’s subsidiary company BeFit Wellness Hub’s website at or H Ambulatory Care Centre’s website to know more about medical services and health management programmes.


Story by Tanushalini Moroter

Pix courtesy of PMPPM