Campaign should be put to rest, says Penang CM


THE ‘buy Muslim-made first’ campaign should be put to rest as it is not good for a harmonious society, Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said.


Chow said he as unaware that the campaign was still ongoing when he was question by a journalist.


“I thought that the campaign was off. I believe that the campaign is a futile effort. It is not good for the economy, not good for the inter-racial ecosystem and not good for a harmonious society.


“I don’t know why it is still talked about.


“If you’re talking about promoting Bumi products, I believe that nobody will object it.


“But when you’re talking about boycotting non-Muslim products, it will be counterproductive,” he replied a journalist at Bangunan UAB in China Street Ghaut today.


Chow said: “It should be put to rest. I don’t see why the campaign should go on. We feel that it is unnecessary.”


“The promoter of such campaign should ask themselves why they should go ahead with such campaign,” he added.


It was reported by an English daily that the campaign, championed by an NGO group, has kicked off in Penang on Sept 8.



Story by Christopher Tan
Pix by Alissala Thian
Video by Law Suun Ting