Ramadan gifts for the needy


SOME 150 residents from Bayan Lepas constituency recently benefited from a donation programme of kitchen utensils given by its assemblyman Azrul Mahathir Aziz.

The programme was held at the Perda Community Hall in Teluk Kumbar on May 12 at 2.30pm.

In his speech, Azrul said he was thankful for being able to hand the kitchen utensils to those who were in need of them, especially during the fasting month.

“The 150 recipients were chosen from various homes in the Bayan Lepas constituency. It is a blessing to help them.

“The state and the Federal governments together do not ignore the interests of the Malay community and those of Islamic faith.

“The propaganda that Islam is threatened under the Pakatan Harapan rule is only a political defamation,” he stressed.

Story by Danny Ooi