Taman Pekaka upcycle project displays characters from Kung Fu Panda movie

THE latest upcycle project undertaken by the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) at the Taman Pekaka field was successfully installed today after three months of meticulous work.


What captured the eyes were the sculptures set up based on the Kung Fu Panda movie characters which are well-liked by kids.


It was learnt that the project was the brainchild of MBPP councillor Tan Seang Keat.


“The sculptures include six characters from the movie, namely the panda, tigress, praying mantis, viper, monkey and crane.


“These will definitely attract kids as well as give them the urge to engage in outdoor activities rather than being hooked on gadgets.


“This will also encourage the parents to come out with their kids and spend quality family time,” Tan told the Buletin Mutiara team at the launch of the project today.

The six characters from the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda’ installed at the Taman Pekaka field

He also thanked the MBPP Landscape Department for providing some blocks of wood to enhance the sculpture works.


Credit also goes to MBPP assistant health officer Ahmad Nizuar Nordin, who oversees the council’s upcycling projects.


Upcycling or taking old or used materials and transforming them into new and higher quality objects that have artistic and enviromental value, started off as a hobby for him.


But when MBPP Urban Services Department director Xavier Sebastian saw the display of his upcycle work at his sub-office located in Jalan Sungai, he instantly decided to tap on Ahmad Nizuar’s passion for upcycling which he has since his schooling days.


“Mr Xavier then took the initiative to collaborate with the MBPP councillors as well as the state assemblymen to further expand the project,’’ Ahmad Nizuar said.

Ahmad Nizuar helping his staff to install one of the sculptures

Ahmad Nizuar, whose job scope revolves around the maintenance work as well as collecting recycling items, said a special task force was formed under MBPP’s Urban Services Department to execute the upcycle projects.


“My team and I would normally do the upcycling work after we have completed our main tasks.


“We actually do this after work, so it really takes passion and interest to commit yourselves into this. It is something like an extra job.


“We worry about vandalism, thus I hope that the community will help care for the sculpture works that we have done.


“The council will also be doing the necessary maintenance work for the sculptures,’’ Nizuar said.


Batu Uban assemblyman A. Kumaresan extended his gratitude to MBPP for coming up with the project at the Taman Pekaka field.


“When MBBP councillor Tan Seang Keat shared with me on their next upcycling venture, I quickly told him to consider the field at the Taman Pekaka.


“I hope that the residents in the neighbourhood will enjoy the beautiful sculpture works and at the same time ensure that they are well taken care of.

(second from right) Kumaresan checking on the upcycle work

“Over here (Taman Pekaka field) we have also installed a total of four solar lights,’’ Kumaresan added.


Xavier, who was also present during the launch, said it took team effort to make the upcycling project a success.


“We won’t be able to do this without the cooperation of the MBPP councillors and the state assembylmen.


“Next week, we will be launching another upcycle project in Air Itam.


“Besides that, the schools are also requesting us to implement the project at their respective schools.


“So, we will be teaching and training them the ways to do it. And the maintenance work will be done by the schools themselves,’’ he said.


Also present was Taman Pekaka Village Community Management Council (MPKK) chairman Kelvin Lew, who said there are about 12,000 residents in the neighbourhood.

Master Po


Master Tigress


Master Crane


Master Viper and Master Monkey


Master Mantis seen on Master Po’s left shoulder


Story & Pix by Tanushalini Moroter