Vaccination centres in Penang welcome walk-ins


BEGINNING today (Oct 6), those who have yet to get any appointments for their vaccinations in Penang can now opt for walk-ins to any of the vaccination centres in the state. They include teenagers, aged from 12 to 17.


This initiative is to ensure the vaccination process under National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NIP) picks up pace.


A check by Buletin Mutiara at one of the vaccination centres (Setia SPICE Convention Centre) in Bayan Baru saw many teenagers turn up for the inoculation while accompanied by their parents or relatives.


There were strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) at the vaccination centre. Those who turned up were required to scan their MySejahtera app and have their temperatures checked.


When met, Adam Danish Al-Fariswadi, 15, told Buletin Mutiara that he felt nervous prior to receiving the jab.


“I am slightly anxious because many of my friends and classmates had already taken their shots.


“I hope everything will be returning to normalcy soon. I foresee that I will be resuming physical class next month.


“However, everything depends on the education authorities’ decision on when to allow students to gradually return to schools,” said Adam Danish, who is studying in Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) in Baling, Kedah.


Currently, Adam is staying in Bayan Lepas with his parents.

Adam Danish (left) with his mother Rosmaria (right) before receiving vaccination.

His caring mother Rosmaria Md Nor was glad that her son had finally got the vaccination.


“All of us in the family had been vaccinated and it’s now Adam’s turn.


“We can at least heaved a sigh of relief to get the ‘extra protection’, especially for kids’ immune system,” she said.


Another parent Song Li, who turned up with her 14-year-old son, was upbeat that her son had received the appointment to get vaccinated.

Song Li (left) with her 14-year-old son, Kimmy.

“My son (Kimmy), who is studying in Han Chiang High School, did not manage to get vaccinated last month.


“Hence, he has received his appointment here and I am glad that he has finally to get inoculated.


“Vaccination is still the way forward for all of us,” she said when met.


Buletin Mutiara also had managed to speak to three Malaysia Vaccine Support Volunteers (MyVAC) in the Setia SPICE Convention Centre.


They have been on duty ever since Aug 1 this year.


Its coordinator Aminudin Ahmad Nasir said today is the last day for the vaccination centre to be operating.


“Up to 11am, about 50 teenagers have come forward to get vaccinated.


“Since today is the last day, those who have been vaccinated with their first dose here will have to visit other vaccination centre in accordance with their appointments through MySejahtera to get their second dose.


“After this, I will be helping out at the Setia SPICE Arena,” he said.


Nur Batrisyia Uzma Mohd Fauzi, one of the volunteers, said she was very happy to be able to learn various communication skills during her stint at the vaccination centre.

Nur Batrisyia Uzma sharing her experience with Buletin Mutiara.

“It’s a very valuable experience and memory for me to help out and get to know people with many character traits coming to get their jab.


“I am very sad to part ways with my friends here, but this is the wonderful memory that I will remember it vividly,” said Nur Batrisyia Uzma, who is studying in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in Skudai, Johor.


Her colleague Nor Jasmina Quraisi Syed Ahamed Ariffin was also feeling emotional after having assisted the vaccination operation since Aug 1.

Nor Jasmina Quraisi

“Time has moved so fast and I cherish every bit of experience here, especially the way we conduct the vaccination process under strict SOPs,” she said.


Meanwhile on the mainland, not many individuals could be seen queuing up at the PPVs in Seberang Perai that permitted walk-ins today.


But still, they could be seen adhering to the SOPs at the vaccination centre. Some were adults and others teenagers.


For teenagers, they were also accompanied by their parents or guardians.


Among them was Lim Pei Jun, 16.

Lim (centre) receiving her jab today.

“I have registered for vaccination a few weeks ago but I still did not get any appointment until today. It took so long.


“Thus, I cannot wait anymore and decided to just walk in to the vaccination centre with my mother today.


“I am worried because the school sessions for Form Four will resume soon and most of my friends have already received their jabs.


“Plus, there are so many restrictions nowadays being implemented by the authority for those who have not been vaccinated yet.


“Thus, I am happy that I can finally receive a jab today,” said Lim when approached by Buletin Mutiara at the Dewan Millenium PPV in Kepala Batas today.


As for Abdul Fariz Kadeer, 58, he was very excited to get the vaccine today.

Abdul Fariz Kadeer, 58.

“Previously, I already got the appointment but I was reluctant to go due to the influence of anti-vaxxers among my friends.


“I was a bit sceptical about the vaccine efficiency back then, until my son convince me that everything going to be fine.


“In the end, I agree with his advice and decided to come here today at the Dewan Millenium PPV to get my first jab.


“I hope those who used to be like me (anti-vaxxer), please do change your mind and get vaccinated as soon as possible. No one is safe from this disease until everyone is vaccinated.


“So, don’t be a selfish, open up your mind and just come here to get vaccinated,” he added.


The PPVs that allowed walk-ins are in Sungai Nibong Pesta site, Balik Pulau Sports Complex, SPICE Arena, Dewan Milenium Kepala Batas, Perda Convention Centre, Seberang Perai Arena, Seberang Jaya Expo Site, Vangohh Eminent, Jawi Multipurpose Hall and Sungai Bakap Multipurpose Hall.

Story by Edmund Lee and Riadz Akmal
Pix by Darwina Mohd Daud and Noor Siti Nabilah Noorazis