A welcoming relief for micro businesses


DIGITALISATION is a way forward for many businesses during this challenging period.


Many sectors are severely affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the series of movement control orders.


The Penang government has launched the ‘Go Digital Micro Entrepreneur Programme’ to assist micro-entrepreneurs.


The state has announced on Feb 16 that 350 sets of computers, worth RM320,950 would be distributed in phases to eligible micro-entrepreneurs under the programme.


Buletin Mutiara managed to interview some of the recipients who benefitted from the programme.


GChin Enterprise owner Chin Jia Yi, 29, thanked the state for assisting her business during the pandemic.

GChin Enterprise owner Chin Jia Yi, 29.

Chin, who is operating the Three Tiers Ice Cream business, said it was a timely boost for small entrepreneurs as it is an additional feature to promote their businesses.


“I am using various social media platforms to promote my business. Going digital helps me to grow my business,” Chin said. She has been operating her business since 2019.


Another recipient P. Kalai Alexander, 41, said he manage to sustain his business, thanks to the demand in delivery service.

P. Kalai Alexander, 41.

Kalai sells sandwiches using the online platform.


“I have been using the electronic tablet to operate my business. I use it to design and to market my business. It has a user-friendly feature and it is very convenient,” Kalai, the Gajavel Food & Beverages (F&B) marketing operator said.


Rezki Barokah Maju Enterprise owner Azirah Che Pa, 49, expressed her utmost gratitude to the Penang government for providing the aid.

Rezki Barokah Maju Enterprise owner Azirah Che Pa, 49.

“I can focus on growing my business using the e-commerce platform, such as Shopee and Lazada, with this device.


“Some of my products are the Telekung (an outfit worn by Muslim women during prayers) and tudung (Muslim headscarf).


“I also use the device to record my sales transactions. Previously, I used to record them manually in a book.


“I am now more confident that I can grow my business,” Azirah said. She has been in the business for eight years.


The ‘Go Digital Micro Entrepreneur Programme’ has also helped Majida Ibrahim, 52, who sells frozen spiral curry puff (karipap pusing).

Majida taking a picture while making her frozen spiral curry puff 

“I am able to learn new things and increase my capability to develop my business. This helps to open more opportunities for me to market my products.


“I have been in the business for 14 years. The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously affected my business.


“I am ready to adapt to the new normal and grow my business,” she said.

Story by Edmund Lee and Riadz Akmal
Pix courtesy of the interviewees