AFL to resume M3 League this year


THE Amateur Football League (AFL) will be focusing on resuming the third tier of the Malaysian football league (M3 League) this year.


AFL chairman Datuk Mohd Yusoff Mahadi said it has been two years since the M3 League has been cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 situation.


“Without the M3 League, the amateur football players have lost their platform to play for their teams. That is why it is very important for us to resume the M3 League this year.

Mohd Yusoff (second from right) and Goh (third from right) taking a group photo together at the Batu Musang Jetty.

“And with the Covid-19 situation getting better and the sports sector also allowed to be fully operational, I think it is the right time for the M3 League to be reinstated.


“A lot of amateur clubs also have started to do better economically, so we are confident that we can resume the M3 League this year,” said Mohd Yusoff during an exclusive interview session with Buletin Mutiara in Bukit Tambun recently.


According to Mohd Yusoff, who is also the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) deputy president, the AFL consists of M3, M4 and M5 leagues.


“But as of now, we will be focusing on M3 League first, and for M4 and M5 leagues, we plan to resume them in another one or two years, depending on the team availability.


“For M3 League, we now have 16 amateur clubs that have registered to play in it but we plan to add another four teams.


“But if there is no additional team, we will carry on with 16 teams. But I hope we can make it to 20 teams eventually because usually there are 20 teams playing in M3 League per season.


“After all, M3 League is a complement to the Malaysian Football League that includes Premier League and Super League.


“If there is no M3, then it is hard for FAM to put the relegated teams from the top division. It is hard also for amateur clubs to get promoted. So, that is why the M3 League is a must,” he added.


Also present during the interview session was Bukit Tambun assemblyman Goh Choon Aik.


Goh also took Mohd Yusoff on a tour of the Bukit Tambun FC facilities, such as the club football field and the hawker centre that is located next to Suria 1 Apartments in Bukit Tambun, and also some interesting places in his constituency.

Goh (left) give some briefing to Mohd Yusoff (second from left) during his visit to the Bukit Tambun FC football field that located next to Suria 1 Apartments.

“I have sought Datuk Mohd Yusoff’s help to look at Bukit Tambun FC’s application to play in M3 League this year.


“I also urge AFL and FAM to provide some sort of incentives, subsidy or financial assistance to any football team that is struggling economically due to the Covid-19 situation, especially the amateur football clubs,” he said.


Goh also called on the FAM to establish a football academy in Penang to generate more interest among youth to play football.

Goh (right) and Mohd Yusoff (left) taking a group photo in front of the Batu Kawan Stadium.

“As of now, we only have one sports school in Penang which is SMK Mutiara Impian in Simpang Ampat to train our youths in various sports.

Goh (left) presenting Bukit Tambun FC jersey as a memento to Mohd Yusoff (right) during his visit to the Batu Kawan Stadium recently.

“But if we can have a football academy, we can just focus on football only and make it as a football hub for the northern region to recruit and train youths to play football.


“Having a football academy also can help the students to pursue their football career if they don’t excel in academic.


“Lastly, I also hope that FAM can help SMK Mutiara Impian by providing some assistance to the school since their main sports is football,” said Goh, who is also the president of Nibong Tebal Football Association (NTFA).


Mohd Yusoff, who commended Bukit Tambun FC for having better facilities and infrastructure than some other amateur clubs, said he would consider Goh’s request and suggestions.

Story by Riadz Akmal
Pix by Eng Kok Wei