All is well at Penang Covid-19 quarantine centre

FORTY people under the Persons Under Surveillance (PUS) category, who have returned to Penang about two weeks ago, will be undergoing their final Covid-19 test today at their quarantine centre in the state.


They are among 134 people who are currently undergoing the mandatory 14-day quarantine here at Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort in Tanjung Bungah.


The 40 people have stayed in the quarantine centre for 13 days, as of today (Aug 8).


Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) northeast district officer Capt Muhd Aizat Abd Ghani said the 134 PUS included one child and an infant.


“Most of them returned to Penang from countries like Singapore and Taiwan.


“Those who are undergoing their mandatory 14-day stay here had already been screened and tested negative at the point of entry when they arrived Penang.


“It is part of the standard operating procedure (SOP) by the Health Ministry that anyone who shows symptoms or tested positive to be immediately taken to the hospital from the point of entry. He or she will not be sent to the quarantine centre.


“We follow strict SOP at the quarantine centre. The PUS are not allowed to leave their room.


“The PUS will use a designated route to their rooms and not via the lobby. The centre is also frequently sanitised,” he told the press during a visit by Penang Local Government, Housing, Town and Country Planning Commitee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo, today.


The SOP is in placed to ensure safety.


Jagdeep said he was happy to note that all 134 individuals were healthy and showed no symptoms of Covid-19 infection as of today.


“Penang is tightening the SOPs in six sectors as earlier imposed by the Federal Government. The six are among the 61 SOPs imposed at the Federal level.


“I strongly urge everyone to obey the SOP, wear mask, sanitise their hands and practise social distancing. We must not be complacent.


“We will not hesitate to take action against whoever who fail to abide by the SOPs,” he said.


Jagdeep said that there are two Covid-19 quarantine centres in Penang and both are located on the island.


“The second centre acts as a standby. There are still rooms at this centre.


“This centre has 173 rooms catered to receive the PUS who return to Penang,” he said.


A worker is seen cleaning and sanitising the entrance of the resort.


Jagdeep thanked the frontliners who have strived to keep the state and its people safe.


Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort general manager Gulab Mahatam Rai said the resort was earlier selected to be a quarantine centre during the beginning of the pandemic.


“When the situation got better, the Federal Government imposed the self-quarantine at home.


“We were contacted by the Government on July 24, asking if we are still interested to be a quarantine centre.


“We agreed to be part of this effort as part of our services to the returnees.


“This is our corporate social responsibility to the people and the Government. We want to support the Government to fight this pandemic,” he said, adding that the resort began operating as a quarantine centre on July 26.


The departure counter at the resort.


Gulab said that there was no indication of when the resort would cease to function as a quarantine centre.


“I wish to thank all the frontliners and my staff for sacrificing and putting their lives at risk so that the state and the people are protected.


“Our staff who deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner to the PUS are putting themselves at risk. We thank God that with the support from the state, frontliners and the staff themselves, everyone is safe.


“We pray for the best for the PUS who are staying in our resort,” he said.


Story and pix by Christopher Tan