Covid-19: Rotary Club of Penang donates medical equipment to Penang Hospital

THE Rotary Club of Penang, which has organised several programmes for the community, donated medical equipment to the Penang Hospital today for use in the Covid-19 wards.


The club donated one unit of B. Braun haemodialysis machine (RM40,000) and one unit of RO Water System – Portable E-Pro 1000 (RM40,000) today, in addition to the one unit of Genano Air Decontamination Unit (RM52,500) that was donated on Sept 17. In total, the three medical equipment was worth RM132,500.


(From left) Cheng Yew, Ong, Dr Liew, Stephanie and Tan at the handover of the medical equipment at ACC Building in Penang Hospital. Ong, Stephanie and Tan are showing the certificate of appreciation from the hospital.


On hand to hand over the equipment at the ACC Building in Penang Hospital today were the rotary club’s assistant district governor Stephanie Wong, president Ong Eng Hin and treasurer Datuk Seri Tan Gin Soon.


They handed over the B. Braun HD Machine and RO Water System – Portable (E-Pro 1000)  to the hospital’s Nephrologist Department head Dr Liew Yew Fong and deputy director (management) Wong Cheng Yew today.


Stephanie (right) presenting the Genano Air Decontamination Unit to Dr Darin Wong (left) and Dr Ibrahim Tahir (second from left).


The club had handed over the Genano Air Decontamination Unit to the hospital’s Emergency and Trauma Department head Dr Kwanhathai Darin Wong and deputy director (medical) Dr Ibrahim Tahir Datuk Dr N. Anwar on Sept 17.


“It is hoped that these machines will be able to assist Covid-19 patients who have acute renal failure.


“In addition, post Covid-19 patients who suffer from renal failure can also be treated using these machines.


“With these machines, patients can be dialyzed in isolation. These machines are sustainable as their shelf life is about 10 years,” Stephanie said.


Story by K.H. Ong

Pix courtesy of Rotary Club of Penang