Former Penang Eurasian Association launches his third book


A Eurasian descent in Penang Datuk Eustace Anthony Nonis has launched his third book, titled ‘George Town, A World Heritage Site’ today.


Eustace, who is also the former treasurer, president and now a patron of the Penang Eurasian Association (PEA), said the new book is a collection of various historical sites in George Town.


“The book contains 158 pages and is a collection of 133 historical attractions in George Town. Each photo in this book was taken by me.

Eustace said the new book is a collection of various historical sites in George Town.

“This book is written in a very honest, sincere, and comfortable manner. There is no jargon, no cosmetics, and no unnecessary decoratives.


“Each attraction in the book is linked to a landmark, a place, with its stories, history and trajectories.


“There are also some collections and recollections of memories, experiences, and folk tales about these places, and I have shared them in the book.


“Knowing the value of George Town being inscribed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, and as a writer, I decided it will be good for me to document my personal experience in George Town, having been born in the town 80 ago, growing up, working in the town and then retiring in the town.


“Hopefully, the local residents will appreciate the ‘jewels’ (attractions) we have in the town through this book and visitors will have a better appreciation of what they are seeing as they wander around George Town,” said Eustace in his speech before Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow launched the book at the PEA office in Kelawai Road, Pulau Tikus today.


Also present were state Local Government, Housing, Town and Country Planning Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo, Pulau Tikus assemblyman Chris Lee Chun Kit, George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI) general manager Dr Ang Ming Chee and PEA president Datuk Aloysius Gasper.


Eustace added that the public could get the book at the PEA office in Kelawai Road, Pulau Tikus.


“We haven’t decided on the book price yet but rest assured, it will be reasonable,” he said.


Eustace also thanked Dr Ang for her help and support in launching the book.


“This book launch would not have been possible without the approval, help and support from you, Dr Ang. Thus, I would like to say thank you,” he added.


Meanwhile, Aloysius is proud of Eustace’s achievement in publishing his third book at the age of 80.


“He used to share with me his experiences when he used to go around on foot to take the pictures of the sites in George Town all by himself.


“So what you will see are original photos from his camera.


“As the president of the PEA association and on behalf of our community, I would like to extend our sincere congratulations to you, Datuk Eustace, for showing and encouraging us (the not so young and younger generations) to have the determination to pursue our ideas and dreams in preserving our heritage and making our community more visible,” he said.


Dr Ang said GTWHI was pleased to be at the book launching.


“It is also our first activity for the George Town Heritage Celebrations 2022.


“I would like to share that many months ago, Datuk Eustace came to the GTWHI office and told me that he wanted to write a book on George Town World Heritage Site, in his own way and with his own money.


“So I said, just do it Datuk. Many months later Datuk Eustace came back to the GTWHI office with stacks of A4 papers, neatly typed, some pencil writings here and there, and pictures glued to the pages.


“He said that the draft is ready, and he has introduced 133 attractions, each with photos taken by himself, and he wanted to publish it.


“As a partner in crime, I am keeping my promise to assist and accompany Datuk Eustace in getting the book printed, published, and launched today,” she said.


Chow congratulated Eustace for his efforts in producing his third book.


“Datuk Eustace’s love for Penang made the state his preferred choice for his retirement. As one who had experienced the importance of documenting information, he decided to write a book about George Town as a World Heritage Site, based on his personal knowledge and fond memories of the town.

Chow congratulated Eustace for his efforts in producing his third book.

“To ensure that the book accurately reflected his inner thoughts and experiences, he made it a point to be a one-man show endeavour; Datuk Eustace himself is the author, photographer, publisher and financier to have the book printed. This was truly a labour of love all by the man himself!


“Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation and congratulations to Datuk Eustace for this very special book titled ‘George Town, A World Heritage Site’. And I am sure all of us will enjoy reading it,” said Chow.

Story by Riadz Akmal
Pix by Ahmad Adil Muhamad
Video by Darwina Mohd Daud