Heart patients thank PAH for second chance in life


HE did not give much attention to his shortness of breath when he had them in May this year.


Contractor Lim Soon Huat, 53, said the symptoms then occured more frequently and that worried him and his wife Chee Bee Yong, 45.


“We decided to go to a Government hospital to get myself checked. I was shocked to learn from the doctor that I had several blockages and that I needed a coronary artery stent.


“The doctor also said that the procedure may not be so soon.


“My condition worsened over time. My wife was very worried and she would constantly feel my heartbeat at night when I was asleep, just to check if I was still alive.


“Then, a good friend of ours who lives in Changlun told us about Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH) and its charity initiatives for needy patients,” Lim, who was diagnosed with acute anterior myocardial infraction in June this year, told reporters recently.


Lim was one of the beneficiaries of the Patient Heart Fund at PAH.


Lim during the interview.


He was lost for words when he thanked PAH for giving him a second chance in life.


Lim said they hurriedly called PAH and sent the necessary documents, photographs (proof of lifestyle) and other form of materials for further action.


“The process was very fast and I had a coronary artery stent placement on Aug 1,” he said.


Lim and Chee particularly extended their heartfelt appreciation to Eric Loh, one of the medical welfare officers at PAH.


“We have to thank him and the committee for the smooth transition, from admission to the final procedures,” Lim added.


According to Loh, the hospital had covered 75 percent (RM41,000) of Lim’s medical expenses under the Patient Heart Fund.


Another patient, M. Kumar, 48, was diagnosed with the same condition as Lim.


He thanked PAH for the timely assistance.


“I feel like a brand new person after the placement of a coronary artery stent.


“I have always followed a strict diet and was truly surprised to learn that I had a heart disease.




“None of my family members has it.


“I am just thankful to my friends who had recommended me this hospital, and the initiatives the hospital has for the people in need of medical assistance.


“Thank you once again and it is my hope that the hospital will continue with its good work of disbursing funds where they are most needed,” Kumar added.


PAH covered 75 percent (RM30,000) of Kumar’s medical expenses under the the Patient Heart Fund.



Story by Kevin Vimal
Pix by Muhamad Amir Irsyad Omar