High hopes for Penang Sukma squad to hit gold medal target

PENANGITES are proud of the Penang Sukma contingent’s performance in the 20th Sukma which is currently taking place in Kuala Lumpur.


As of this morning, Penang has come close to hitting its target of 26 gold medals, with just one more gold to achieve.


Several state assemblymen as well as the public have shared their views on Penang’s gold medal achievement during a random survey conducted by the Buletin Mutiara team today.


Air Itam assemblyman Joseph Ng said perhaps the state government could give more attention to the sportsmen’s welfare.


“This is to encourage more young people to take part in sports.


“If we look at the medal table, there is a balance in terms of the medal collection (gold, silver and bronze).

“But the question is, will these sportsmen be able to participate and maintain their momentum in the next Sukma?


“So, I feel it is important to continue to discover new talents who can represent Penang in Sukma in the future.


“Here, I would like to congratulate our Sukma contingent for its outstanding contribution,” Ng added.


Batu Uban assemblyman A. Kumaresan, who was watching the games live in Kuala Lumpur, said the Penang squad has put up an impressive performance in Sukma.


“Throughout my stay here, I have been seeing how our team is giving its best to win medals in the games.


“We just need to grab one more medal to successfully fulfil our target of 26 gold medals. I believe we can pull it off.

“This (achievement) reflects the initiatives undertaken by the state government such as the upgrading of sports facilities.


“Despite being a small state, Penang has facilities that can meet international standards. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement,” Kumaresan said.


Pengkalan Kota assemblyman Daniel Gooi said he was proud of the Penang Sukma contingent’s performance.


“After 22 years our football team has made it into the finals, and Penang will be playing against Terengganu.

“We hope that the team will bring home the long-awaited gold medal,” said Gooi.


Penang’s strong supporter Siti Zaharah Naina Mohamad, 36, said she was confident that the squad could achieve more gold medals than what has been targeted.


“We are proud of what has been achieved by our Sukma players, as currently we are ranked fifth in the overall medal standings.

“Congratulations to our Penang team. I believe we can exceed the gold medal target,” Siti Zaharah said.


Sports enthusiast Muhamad Aimran Naeme, 29, hoped Penang could clinch the gold medal in the boxing event.


“For a small state like us, being ranked fifth in the medal chart is certainly an excellent achievement.

“I did not watch the games, but I do follow the results.


“I hope Penang can win the football match against Terengganu although it might be a tough match,” said Muhamad Aimran.


Story by Tanushalini Moroter