Jagdeep: Education was a priority for my late father


A TOTAL of 52 students who sat for their UPSR, PT3 and SPM were presented with YB Karpal Singh’s Academic Excellence Award on Nov 4 at the Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Penang.

This was an initiative taken by the late YB Karpal’s family some ten years ago and in the year 2014, the Penang Sikh Association collaborated with the family to continue the tradition of presenting the awards to deserving Sikh students.

Exco member for Local Government, Housing and Town & Country Planning Jagdeep Singh highlighted the importance of encouraging the students to strive for excellence in education.

“Education was a priority for my late father. Therefore, this award was initiated to give a jab of motivation to the students to perform well in their studies.

“For your information, Penang is moving towards becoming an intelligent and smart city. Education, as such, plays a pivotal role in realising those objectives.

“I have contributed RM18,000 in terms of vouchers which is something that is minimal from my side to acknowledge the students’ achievement,” said Jagdeep during the award presentation ceremony.

Speaking on another matter, Jagdeep stated that the Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Penang which is located at Jalan Gurdwara needs to be restored urgently due to its old and aging structure.

“This building which is over 100 years old and falls under the category of heritage building needs to be rehabilitated without further delay and I have been made to understand that the committee is already in talks with the relevant experts regarding the project for its restoration.

“Today as the chairman of non-Islamic Houses of Worship (RIBI) fund, I would like to announce here that RM50,000 will be contributed to this temple for its refurbishment work.

“Hopefully the restoration of this iconic Gurdwara will be completed in due time,” Jagdeep said.

Story & pix by Tanushalini Moroter