Need to raise public awareness of ‘zigzag lines’


PENANG’s local community and a non-governmental organisation (NGO) have lauded the pilot project on zigzag lines to alert motorists to slow down when approaching a pedestrian crossing in Burmah Road.

Believed to be introduced for the first time in the country after similar road systems implemented in foreign countries, it was an initiative by the state government to improve road safety.

The lines, similar to the ‘thunder’ sign, were drawn on the road to alert motorists of pedestrian crossing that they are soon approaching.

Speaking on this, Koay You Pei, 34, one of the workers from Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA), told Buletin Mutiara that many cars and motorcycles have slowed down ever since the pilot project was introduced early this month.

She related that some of the motorists even reduced their speed level to let her cross the road last week.

Koay hopes the people will be educated on the zig zag lines

“The authorities are doing a great job in introducing the initiative but emphasise that pedestrians crossing the road must also be alert themselves.

“To ensure a smooth ride for motorists and safety for pedestrians, I suggest that a traffic light be built as well,” she said.

The location of zigzag lines is situated exactly near to MBA.

A staff member from a beauty and wellness centre located nearby pointed out that the state was committed towards pedestrians’ safety but cautioned that awareness must be raised.

“Many people, including senior citizens, using the road may not have any idea of what exactly the lines are all about.

“That’s why motorists need to be educated on this new project. Even better if a signboard showing the zigzag lines could be put up by the roadside,” the woman, who wished to be known only as Heah, 32, said.

Another road user, known as Leow, who frequently rides through the busy Burmah Road, agreed that awareness was still lacking among the motorists on zigzag lines.

“No matter what, the attitude of every motorist is of utmost importance in road safety.

“Flashlights and a warning sign must be installed before approaching the spot,” the 31-year-old banker said.

A civil servant Mohd Firdaus Mohd Fauzi, 31, said the most important thing was to educate motorists to understand the purpose of having zigzag lines.

Firdaus lauds the zig zag lines introduction.

“Warning sign showing what zigzag lines is all about can be installed at the roadside. At the same time, put a reflector to signal the need to slow down at night.

“Overall, it is a good move by state,” he said.

Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) president Mohideen Abdul Kader also supported the project but also stressed that education is of utmost importance.

Mohideen stresses on the importance of public awareness.

“There’s a need for motorists to be aware of this initiative. Strict enforcement must also be taken into account to educate the motorists,” he added.

Story by Edmund Lee