Open our beautiful alleys to highlight our food, says local govt councillor


A PENANG Island City Council (MBPP) councillor has proposed to the local government to open alleys in George Town to promote Penang’s delicious food.


Councillor Lee Kim Noor said the state is known for its food and many people would make a beeline for Penang’s street food, even under the hot sun.


Lee presents her winding-up speech.


“I would like to propose that we open our back lanes, which are now beautiful, to highlight our delicious food in Penang.


Char Koay Teow is one of the famous food in Penang.


“However, we need to plan it carefully to prevent our alleys from becoming dumping sites,” she said.


Lee also proposed to the council to have electric buggies to ferry locals and tourists in George Town.


“These buggies can travel along small roads and alleys.


“We can reduce traffic congestion in George Town in the evening as visitors could just leave their vehicles outside the heritage enclave and hop into these buggies which will bring them to eat and visit the places of attraction in George Town,” she said.


One of the many alleys in the George Town World Heritage Site enclave at night.


Lee also highlighted Penang’s fruits.


“Our local fruits such as durian, nangka (jackfruit) and others are also famous. The Tropical Fruit Farm is promoting our delicious fruits, but visitors would have to travel all the way to Teluk Bahang to enjoy them.


“Another product of Penang that we can consider promoting is our cultural heritage. We can showcase our baba nyonya culture or even promote the baju kebaya nyonya through fashion shows,” she added.


In her winding-up speech during the MBPP meeting today, Lee said that Penang has much to offer but did not capitalise on it.


She said efforts could be made to highlight the George Town heritage enclave such as organising small-scale events or celebrations every weekend.


“We can also brighten the area so that visitors can visit the place at night. We can perhaps promote one location in the morning and another at night,” she added.


She also proposed to the council to impose a higher fine on offenders who blocked sheltered five-foot walkway.


“As a Penangite, I love to walk along the sheltered five-foot walkway. However, most of them were obstructed by objects.


“A better way to address this matter is to impose a higher fine on the offenders. The offence must be recorded and photos of the offence must be dated.


“The offenders must first settle their fine when they apply to renew their licence,” she said.


This was the final MBPP meeting this year.


MBPP mayor Datuk Yew Tung Seang thanked the entire team of councillors for their support and cooperations.


“We also thank the heads of departments under council secretary Datuk Addnan Mohd Razali, and the media personnel who have been with us.


“We are still facing the Covid-19 challenges, therefore, Covid-19 management is very crucial,” he said.


The final MBPP meeting this year.


Yew said that MBPP had been implementing its i-Sihat programme since October this year.


“Every council staffer has to undergo the Covid-19 RTK-Antigen screening (self test) once every 14 days.


“The council has successfully detected 22 positive Covid-19 staff and they were isolated from the other healthy staff,” he said.


Yew added that the local government is committed to provide the best services to the people, which are in line with its motto ‘Memimpin Sambil Berkhidmat’ (Lead While Serving).


He also spoke about the upcoming City Walk 2022 and City Ride Goes Eco @ Balik Pulau.


Before he ended his speech, he wished Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating the joyful festival.



Story by Christopher Tan

Pix by Alissala Thian and courtesy of MBPP