Penang moots three key initiatives to overcome virus outbreak



THE Penang government will propose a three-pronged approach for the Federal Government’s consideration to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

In a public address via Facebook Live on his FB page today, Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said he would make three proposals to the Federal Government for implementation in the remaining days of movement control order (MCO).

Firstly, he said he would ask the Health Ministry (MOH) to increase and simplify the Covid-19 screening test procedure.

If necessary, he added that the state government is ready to assist the ministry in this initiative in Penang.

“In other words, the state wants to see all positive cases to emerge during this period and take the necessary action,” Chow explained.

Secondly, he said he would urge the Home Minister to implement movement control on borders of Penang state.

“It is important for us to break the chain of infection effectively. In fact, Sabah and Sarawak with immigration powers have already adopted this approach.”

Thirdly, Chow said he would call on the Human Resources Ministry and International Trade & Industry (MITI) Ministry to establish and enforce the Environment, Health and Safety protocol so that all authorised companies in the industry are required to comply with safety and health measures without any exception.

Chow believes a clearer guideline for the industries is needed and must be updated.

“I would formally bring up the suggestions mentioned in the next National Security Council (NSC) Special Meeting on the management of virus.

“I hope Federal Government will seriously consider our proposals,” he said.

Chow added the state had also taken the necessary steps in its fight against Covid-19.

He said the strategies include controlling the outbreak through MCO and disinfection, sharing session through various channels and impact management through Penang People’s Aid Package.

Story by Edmund Lee
Pix by Law Suun Ting
Video by Ahmad Adil Muhammad