Regaining confidence is essential for Covid-19 recovery, says CM Chow

THE winners of the 7th International Most Impactful Awards 2020 cum Asia Arts Award 2020-21 Ceremony can be role models to inspire others who wish to carve out a successful career in life, says Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow.


He said their qualities such as perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit are much needed to face the immediate and distant challenges.


As a matter of fact, he said none of us was spared the dire consequences when the pandemic hit us so suddenly in the first quarter of 2020, resulting in many businesses going bust and job losses.


Chow is confident that Malaysians can pick themselves up after going through a tough time during the Covid-19 pandemic.


“It is important that each one of us – be it an entrepreneur, a small business operator or even a worker – has what it takes to regain confidence to achieve our national health and economic recovery in the post Covid-19 era,” Chow said in his speech at the launch of the awards ceremony at St Giles The Wembley today.


“I am confident that we Malaysians are game enough to pick ourselves up after suffering this bout of hard knocks which truly tested everyone’s endurance.


“I find it interesting that the International Most Impactful Awards allow, in some ways, for the private and public sectors to learn from each other while reaching their common goals.


“From the business perspective, award-winners encourage SMEs to learn from their successful stories through their sharing and role model and at the same time, to enhance global market competitiveness.


“In addition, the public sector has good access to the economic pulse of where the country is heading and can implement the right policies to maintain our attractiveness as an investment hub in the region.”


Chow (centre) posing with (from left) Yeoh, Tong, Chee and Abdul Halim for a photograph at the launch of the 7th International Most Impactful Awards 2020 cum Asia Arts Awards 2020/2021 Ceremony.


Chow added that with the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme now being carried out in stages, the state and country could hopefully recover soon.


Also present at the ceremony were state Entrepreneurial Development, Trade and Industry Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Halim Hussain, state Tourism and Creative Economy Committee chairman Yeoh Soon Hin, Malaysian Profession Influential Entrepreneurs Organisation (PIEO) president and International Most Impactful Awards chairman Datuk Dr Jacky Chee and organising chairperson and Asia Success Inc Branding Magazine chief editor Datin Jessica Tong.


Abdul Halim commended the organisers for holding the award ceremony to recognise all SMEs and businesses for their creativity, innovation and hard work.


Chow presenting the Malaysia Most Impactful Tourism Leadership and Innovation Award given by PIEO to Yeoh.


“While we went through very challenging times last year, it was fortunate for our industrial sector that the demand for ICs was still strong.


“I believe our entrepreneurs can come back strongly and continue to create more jobs. And I wish PIEO more success in the future,” Abdul Halim said in his speech.


Chee said the winners had all experienced difficult circumstances or undergone ruthless tests.


“Each of them has, with their great problem-solving ability, turned adversity into strength one step at a time.


“One similar point the winners made was to show us not to be afraid or evade problems. Rather than sweep problems under the carpet, they took action to solve them.


“So, we should have no fear and embrace each day with hope and positivity,” he said.


Chow handing the trophy to Malaysia Most Impactful Celebrity Award to TR Chen of B&B Worldwide Entertainment Sdn Bhd at the awards ceremony.


Tong said some of the successful entrepreneurs have gone through thick and thin and they even went beyond all odds and proved that the pandemic was not a barrier for them to be successful.


“They restrategise their businesses. They adopt, adapt and embrace the new normal by rebranding themselves or give their brand a new lease of life.


“Many of the award winners are blossoming youths, indicating that the current entrepreneurship trend has inclined significantly towards a more tender and fearless age.


“One thing we can learn from these winners is that age is never going to be a factor in achieving success.


“It is my greatest hope to see more and more young entrepreneurs and outstanding individuals make their dreams come true,” Tong said.


Among the award winners was state executive council member Yeoh Soon Hin, who received the Malaysia Most Impactful Tourism Leadership and Innovation Award.


Story by K.H. Ong

Pix by Ahmad Adil Muhamad

Video by Muhamad Amir Irsyad Omar