Scouts from B40 group receive Covid-19 badges and uniforms


THE Penang government, through a close collaboration with the Scouts Association of Malaysia, Penang, had recently handed out some 2,000 Covid-19 badges and uniforms for students from the B40 group in the state.


State Youth and Sports Committee chairman Soon Lip Chee said the badges, which were officially unveiled in May this year, was a fitting way to remind people, especially students about the Covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions.


“It has been a difficult year for all, and when we look at these badges in the years to come, it will remind us not only about how catastrophic 2020 has been, but also the struggles and efforts put forth by frontliners to fight this unprecedented situation.


Soon (centre) with scout members during the handover ceremony


“Let us all stay strong and keep our faiths high that someday, all that we go through now will come to an end,” Soon said during the badges and uniform handover ceremony at the State Scout Council in Solok Scotland recently.


Soon also said through an allocation designated for his Youth and Sports portfolio, the Penang government had spent RM10,000 to buy scout uniforms, which also includes T-shirts, scarfs, shoes and ‘wogel’ for B40 group students.


“The items will benefit some 230 students from 60 schools throughout the state.


“The Penang government would like to extend its heartiest appreciation to Pallas and Johnson as participating partners in this noble initiative,” Soon added.


Soon delivering his speech during the handover ceremony


Soon also mentioned that this joint effort was first started in 2019, where RM5,000 was spent by the Penang government to benefit some 50 Scout members from the B40 group.


“This year, with the pandemic, we decided to increase the amount to RM10,000 to be able to benefit more needy students in the community.


“More companies are highly encouraged to come forward and assist the state in its efforts to aid students, especially those from the B40 group,” Soon added.


Story by Kevin Vimal
Pix courtesy of YB Soon’s office