Concerned over Covid-19 cases in Penang


WHILE daily new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia have started to dip below the 2,000-mark lately, Penang has continued to record nothing less than three digits.


In view of this, several Penangites have appealed to the Penang government to implement several strategies to curb the further spread of the infections.


Freelance copywriter Naveen Prabhu, 30, said the Penang government should really consider appealing to the Federal Government to implement a complete lockdown in the state.


This move, he said, would help to control the relatively high number of cases.




“I believe one of the most effective ways to ensure Penang hit the low in terms of new cases again is by implementing a complete lockdown, at least for month or so.


“Everyone must stay at home, excluding frontliners. This includes closing down of companies in the industrial area as more clusters are actively being identified in such premises.


“Also, I personally feel that the state government could possibly try and introduce more aid, this time without only benefitting targeted groups, but the entire community as a whole.


“I strongly believe there should not be any compromise on health issues in this trying period. The people need the government’s trust that their well-being will be taken care of, especially those affected by job retrenchment and so on,” Naveen told Buletin Mutiara.


Penang State Sports Council sports development officer Chew Kok Rui said the state government should take a creative turn by producing more videos to create awareness among the people, especially on the importance of complying with the standard operating procedures (SOPs).


“Generally, people these days, especially Penangites who are surrounded by many developments of smart components, find creative visuals attractive and fun to watch.


“Hence, if the related parties can inject some creativity into such products (awareness videos on Covid-19), then people will probably understand the values and importance of complying with the SOPs,” Chew said.




While it is important to reach out to the people with such an effort, Chew also urged the authorities to focus on areas where residents would have limited access to internet connectivity and other facilities.


“This is a matter of health security, so everyone deserves to be a part of the efforts taken,” he added.


Chew also urged the state government to speed up its efforts to request for more vaccine supplies from the Federal Government to Penang.


Meanwhile for Penang State Museum Board public relations officer Siti Khadijah, she hoped the state government would organise more awareness campaigns on Covid-19 as many still lack in-depth knowledge about the negative impacts of the virus.




“With the type of creativity and innovation the state possesses in various sectors, I believe many will be able to benefit and be better equipped to fight the pandemic and curb the further spread of infections,” Khadijah said.


Story and pix by Kevin Vimal