Go meatless to reduce global warming, urges exco man



IN conjunction with the International Meatless Day today (Nov 25), a Penang state executive councillor has called on Penangites to go meatless for at least once a week.

State Environment and Welfare Committee chairman Phee Boon Poh, who is advocating the importance of going meatless, hoped that the people could realise the benefits by abstaining from meat, although only for a day.

“For example, if you can go meatless every Monday, you will be going meatless four days a month.

“It’s something good for our health and helps to promote vegetarianism

“At the same, we need to reduce the carbon footprint in view of the climate change phenomenon.

“For instance, the price of vegetables has gone up due to current wet weather.

“Hence, it is important for us to take part in our own urban farming,” he told reporters after having a meatless lunch at Sincerely Crafted Cuisine in Chow Thye Road today.

The meatless lunch event was organised by Phee’s office with Penang Green Council (PGC) and Penang2030 unit.

Journalists were also treated to the sumptuous meal during the luncheon.

It was aimed at creating awareness of a plant-based diet.

Separately, Phee also thanked Mama Vege for contributing 2,000 packets of low carbon meatless meal to the state.

“It’s in line with our (state) commitment to combat climate change,” he said.

Penang Green Council (PGC) general manager Josephine Tan also concurred with Phee, saying that everyone plays a pivotal role to reducing carbon.

“We can save 1,100 gallons of water, 40 pounds of grains, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide and avoid animals from being slaughtered.

“Seberang Perai City Council (MBSP) is now working with PGC and Penang2030 unit to develop urban farming initiative.

“We are looking forward to it,” she said.

Also present were Sungai Pinang assemblyman Lim Siew Khim, Penang Island City Council (MBPP) councillors Connie Tan and Tan Soo Siang.

Story and pix by Edmund Lee