Penang2030 Stakeholders Open Day a success


FAMILY plays an important role in shaping the behavior of young children.


Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers Penang chairman Datuk Dr Ooi Eng Hock said the core of every society is family.


“Every family has a role to play in building a healthy community. We just need to instill the right family values to shape the behavior of our children, so that they have the foundation to be better people in the future.


“We can see that many of our teenagers have lost their way. Some turned to drugs while others engaged in unhealthy social activities.


“Let us play our role in building a healthy family and set our children on the right path,” he said when met at the Penang2030 Stakeholders Open Day at Olive Tree Hotel today.

Public learning more about the Penang2030 vision during the open day.

Over 100 people attended the open day which was held from 9am to 1.30pm.


They engaged with the representatives from Penang Institute, Think City and the state’s Penang2030 Unit.


TARS Pictures cinematographer Robert Chua said the open day was a good effort by the state government to engage the public on Penang2030.


“I learned a lot about Penang2030 from this open day event. I got to know that the Penang government had launched so many initiatives in the past and is now pushing for new efforts to grow the state.


“My colleagues and I are from the creative industry. We came here to learn about the industries; which industry is growing, and which industry needs the extra help,” he said.

Chua is happy with the many state initiatives and new efforts.

TARS Pictures videographer Soo Ghee commended the state for the organising the open day.


“The programme is awesome and it allows participants to give their input on Penang2030,” he said.



Story by Christopher Tan
Pix by Adleena Rahayu Ahmad Radzi
Video by Law Suun Ting