SPM 2020 top scorers share joy after weathering through tough times


THE SPM 2020 students had very little physical classes. They had gone through unprecedented challenges of online learning and fought against the odds to do well in the exams.


Buletin Mutiara today interviewed three students who have done very well in their exams, despite the huge challenges.


Delilah Dzulkafli, 18, from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Bukit Jambul, said that although the pandemic had presented her with countless challenges, she was more grateful for the privileges she had while preparing for the examinations.


“Electronic devices became an important part of our (students) lives. Schools were closed and we were told to take part in online learning. However, there were not many students who can afford having these devices,” she said, counting her blessings.


“It was harder to stay focus during online classes, especially when they went on for hours.


“The exams were also postponed twice and the stress was just too much to bear. I almost gave up. It was so hard to stay motivated.




“It wasn’t easy for me to regain a positive mindset,” she said.


Delilah said she listed down her goals and started working toward them.


“The support I received from my parents, teachers and friends helped me in my success,” Delilah said in a phone interview today.


Delilah scored 9As in her SPM.


Aakshay Singh Deo, 18, who is the son of Penang state executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo, said he is one step closer to realising his dream to be a lawyer – something which runs in the family.


“I want to make my dad proud and I’m glad that he is after I showed him my results.


“I thank my parents, teachers and friends for motivating me to do my best. My mum has never failed to inspire me.


“I did a lot of self-study and I attended online tuition classes.


“Online learning was challenging,” Aakshay, who studied in an international school based in Penang, said.


Jagdeep (left) with his son Aakshay (right).


He scored 8As in his SPM.


Another student, Nur Amelia Mazlan, 18, from St. George’s Girls’ High School, said it was important to stay positive and confident when facing challenges.


“That made me do well in my SPM.


“Online learning was difficult. Not being able to study with friends or to have physical classes, it was just unbearable.


“Nevertheless, I realised that it was crucial for me to stay strong and keep pushing forward.


“The pandemic has taught me something valuable. That nothing comes easy in life.


“The motivation I received from my loved ones – parents, teachers and friends – definitely helped me in my success,” Nur Amelia said.


She scored 9As.



Story by Kevin Vimal
Pix by Alissala Thian