Spreading kindness


ENTREPRENEUR Goh Baby @ Goh Lay Dee has been advocating ‘Live Life Beautifully’ for several years now and she plans to continue sharing her beliefs with others.


At 68, the managing director of Cleanions by Bumiteras Resources spent most of her time in community service, helping the needy and staying healthy.


“I am a person who cannot sit still at home. So, I keep myself occupied by doing charity work, being a member of non-governmental organisations, going to the gym and practising yoga.


“I have been practising yoga for over 20 years,” Goh said in an interview recently. She said that yoga helped her to relax and stay focused.


Goh practising yoga with her grandchildren.


On giving back to the society, Goh said she had been helping at D’Home Mental Health Association for about 10 years.


“Before the Covid-19 pandemic, our team from D’Home used to give out flyers at Occupy Beach Street to raise awareness about mental health. We also sold cakes to raise funds for the association,” she said.


Goh also helped at Rose Charities Malaysia.


“I joined Rose Charities Malaysia in December last year to see what I can do to support.


“In February, we provided 1,000 goodie bags for the homeless and recently, we raised funds to purchase solar panels and water filters for the Orang Asli in Gerik, Perak, through the ‘Amazing Amah’s Fashion Show’. Twenty-six grandmother models dressed in evening gowns and traditional costumes flaunt their amazing look on the catwalk to support the campaign,” she said.


Goh said she wanted to spend her time helping those in need because of the hardship that her mother had gone through.


“Despite her busy routine of managing the home, running the farm, and tapping rubber, my mother ensured that all her eight children were schooled and grew up well.


“I owe my success today to the values I learned growing up. My mother is my major source of inspiration,” Goh said, recollecting her younger days at the kampung in Simpang Ampat, Seberang Perai.


Goh said she believes in self-love besides sharing love with others.


Goh sharing her stories with Buletin Mutiara.


“Learn to appreciate yourself. Treasure your health by eating healthy and keeping a healthy mind. Our health depends on how we treat ourselves. Remember, the love you give to others, you should also give to yourself.


“I am blessed with good health, and my three children are independent.


“I believe that we came with nothing, and we will go with nothing, so why should we be selfish? It is better to do our best to help those in need and make this world a better place,” she added.



Story by Christopher Tan

Pix by Foong Chee Yin and courtesy of Goh Baby